Beard Care Tips

For the best possible achievable results, it is recommended to wash the beard and the skin underneath with warm water and beard cleanser. Once is dried, apply 4-6 drops (depends of the length and density of the beard) on the palms and gently start to rub on the beard using the fingers as the comb, and in same time rubbing the skin underneath as well.

Once there is almost no product on your fingers and palms, the beard comb can be used for the easy spreading evenly throughout the whole beard and removing the knots.

Also, for straightening the beard by using the straightener, MrBlashi Beard Elixir can be used as heat protector. for ironing/straightening the beard.

High Quality Premium Oil Blend

This Beard Elixir ultra-fast absorbing formula of premium blend of Jojoba Oils, Macadamia Oils, Grapefruit Oils… enriched with Vitamin E makes beard elixir naturally to hydrate, softens and nourish the hair bristles, leaving the beard non greasy and conditioned for the rest of the busy day, while the skin underneath is rich with moisture, which will protect you from dry itchy and flaky discomfort while in same time would protect it from irritation.

This formula has been designed to comprehensively cover all tapes of skin and beards, regardless of the length, style, density, or color with noticeable instant benefits from the very first use.