How to Use Beard Oil: A Step-by-Step Guide

Like the hair on your head, your facial hair also needs care and maintenance. This is where beard oil can benefit you. This male grooming item helps lower dandruff and itching, leaving your mane neatly kept, silky, and smooth. Moreover, it makes your beard easier to style by moisturizing and conditioning the mane. If you are a beginner to this male grooming product and are wondering how to use beard oil properly and which one to choose, follow this guide for more details.

Steps to Follow to Use Beard Oil

Here are some general instructions and steps to use and apply beard oil:

Step-1: Clean Up Your Face and Beard

Make sure your beard is clean and towel-dried before applying the oil. Cleanse your face with warm water and a face wash. This will make your facial skin and hair smooth enough before oil application.

Step-2: Apply Some Drops to the Palm of Your Hand

Start by applying 3 to 6 drops to the palm of your hand. Based on your beard’s length, you can increase the amount of oil. As you become familiar with the process, you will eventually know how much oil you need.

Step-3: Apply to Your Facial Skin First

After taking some drops of oil in your palms, rub your hands together to distribute the oil evenly. Massage the oil gently into your beard to make sure it reaches the roots of your facial hair and moisturizes the skin beneath. A precisely formulated beard oil with vitamin E can do magic for your skin. Premium beard oils don’t clog your pores. If you are concerned about acne, make sure you check the ingredient list before applying beard oil to your facial skin.

Step-4: Massage Your Beard and Apply Oil to Your Moustache

After applying the oil to your roots and skin, massage your beard properly. Start by moving your hands in a downward swipe motion, and do the same for your moustache as well. Style your moustache according to your choice with your fingers. If you feel that you need to apply more oil, choose to apply a few more drops.

Step-5: Finish Styling Your Beard with a Comb

Once you have applied the oil to your moustache, use a beard comb to brush your beard and moustache to give them the style you want. Using a comb will help you evenly distribute the oil until your beard becomes moisturized, conditioned, and soft.

How Frequently Should You Use Beard Oil?

The frequency of applying beard oil depends on many factors, such as your living area and your beard’s length. Usually, men must apply beard oil two times daily: once in the morning before the day begins and once at night before bed.

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Written by Blashko Arsoski
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